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In 2002, two italian sisters, Giuly Witch and Lady Marty, decided to create a female rock band.Giuly Witch played guitar and her little sister played bass and off course, both loved singing. Quickly they found another girl from their town that shared the same passion: performing just with an all female rock band, she was a guitar player and so happily she joined the band. With Tamara they seemed a girls band, but they weren’t…somenthing had missed! A lot of girls were checked out, but it was when a boy came as a drummer that the change happened. Giorge learnt how to insert the sense of rhythm inside little witches noise…. Ropinol Witch was born!!!

During its initial months, the band went through a series of concerts around their area; in the same time the Italian female rock scene was growing up, so Roipnol started to travel a lot. A well-known female band, Bambole di Pezza, asked Roipnol Witch to supports their tour in a few concerts across the north of the Country, including one of the first “Lady Fest” in the most rock Italian city: Milan!

The band released their first album Makes me sick and didn’t stop performing all around Italy, but it was in 2005 that little grrrls gained their artistic and professional experience. Just before a series of big events Tamara left the band; for fill the gap Roipnols added a very cute and skilful girl to the group. Queen Francy had came! Less than two weeks later, with the line up changed, the band played in front of 5 thousand people at “Venere Elettrica female Festival 2005” (Eletric Venus female festival 2005) in Perugia and they won the award for “best voice”. From this moment on “Lady Festivals” became Roipnol Witch’s “daily bread”. They performed at “Women in Rock 2005”, “Water break festival 2005”, “Rock 4 women2006”(for the celebration for the 60th year of women’s suffrage in Italy), “Woman no cry 2007”, “Just a Girl 2007” and a lot of Grrrls Night.

Moreover, from necessity to involve and collaborate with the others girls bands which were quickly bumping up in their Country, Roipnol Witch created “Rock With Mascara”, an itinerant female rock night tour. “The Witches” upgraded the tour with the help of their fellow band Kyuuri); together, with many band, started to play from north to south Italy. Soon Rock with Mascara became also a “pink column” inside two radio programs that Giuly Witch and Lady Marty hosted with Mono from FFd and Kappa from Roskos. The sisters tried to promote the Italian female rock bands spreading their songs on Lonely Wolf Radio and K-rock Radio Station.

After this lucky notoriety, Roipnol Witch singer and bass player Lady Marty was invited to attend to an episode of the live Tv program Database on the national Italian station ROCK TV. For one week the program was dedicated to Italian rock women, so Lady Marty hosted the episode with many famous female artists. After this chance, the group together participated to another episode of Database and few weeks later they recorded an episode of another Rock Tv’s program called Practice room, where the artists are “spy on” while they’re practicing. Furthermore the network gave Lady Marty a part into a morning program every Thursday, called Morning Glory that she still share with Kappa from Rosko’s.

During 2009 Roipnols decided to take a break from live concerts; they had travelled all around Italy and the wish of recording new songs was very strong. So in august they entered in an important recording studio, “Bombanella studio” with Davide Cristiani as sound engineer and Mono from FFD, as artistic producer, while the voices recording was managed by Olly from Shandon/ The Fire. Rescue, the firts single, was recorded with the artistic produtcion o Livio Magnini and the second single, Karma Love, was mixed by Matteo Ciffelli.

Once upon a time, has been mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road studios in London and released on the label records Duchess

The new album is “Once upon a time”, it’s made up from 13 brand new songs that interchange an alternative rock mood with a recall from 80’s, distorted ballads and rock ‘n’roll. Influences come both from female groups or artists like the Organ, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Magneta Lane, Girl in a Coma, The Hole, Juliette &the Licks, and from male bands, for example Arcade Fire, Editors, Cure and Verdena.

Far Far Away is the Ep released before the new Album; it’s available only on a guitar shape usb flash drive and contains covers of songs like: Locomotion by Little Eva and It’s my party by Leasly Gore

P.S. Name curiosity: Roipnol Witch is a fashinating sorceress that hypnotizes. Is a riot and not conventional woman, is the wicked witch of Oz that flies up on her anemies heads, that fights againts who discriminate and prevent her from being happy. The witches are women, unite against the abuse and the gratuitous pain tha make them burn on the stake without renounce their ideal!


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